Our trades and competencies

CTE is specialised in structural engineering, and engages in designing, optimisation and detailed studies for all types of structure in the following fields:

  • Building (housing, offices, hospitals, schools etc.)
  • Industry (halls, processes etc.)
  • Civil engineering (water treatment plants, reservoirs, electricity and gas plants etc.)
  • Hydraulic structures (fish ways, hydro-electric plants, marine turbine plants etc.)

Thanks to its original structures in earthquake zones, CTE boasts recognised expertise in the area of earthquake engineering, regarding both new structures and restructuring projects.

The staff of CTE are versed in sizing and details calculations for all the materials used for construction:

  • Reinforced concrete
  • Prestressed and post-tensioned concrete
  • Metal structural frames
  • Wooden structural frames
  • Combined structures.

The CTE group has also developed activities in the areas of:

  • Public and private project management
  • Structural execution studies
  • Costs of structural work and all other construction trades
  • Earth work and road and networks studies
  • Diagnosis and expertise
  • Wind farm infrastructure

CTE works on projects of all sizes.

Our subsidiaries are local companies firmly rooted in their regions, who also take charge of projects throughout the country and outside it.
For large projects, our subsidiaries pool their resources to constitute special project teams.