logo opqibiOPQIBI Qualification

L'OPQIBI is the French organisation in charge of qualification of engineering. OPQIBI delivers qualification certificates to contractors practising engineering.

CTE has been awarded a Professional Qualification Certificate by the OPQIBI under number 93 10 0999.

logo serMember of the Syndicat des énergies renouvelables (SER)

Created in 1993, the Syndicat des énergies renouvenables is the French industrial organization for renewable energy. It gathers these sectors: biomass (France Biomasse Energie), wood fuel, biofuel, marine energy, wind power (France Energie Eolienne), geothermal power, hydroelectricity, solar thermal and photovoltaic energy (SOLER).

The SER counts 400 members as of July 1st 2009, among which the largest French energy suppliers and active industrialists.

logo afpsMember of the Association française du génie parasismique (French Association for Earthquake Engineering)

The Association française du génie parasismique (AFPS) is an association regulated by the 1 July 1901 Act. It was founded on December 14th 1983 by Jean Despeyroux.

The purpose of this association is to study earthquakes and their consequences on the ground, constructions and their environment. It also promotes all measures aiming to minimize those consequences and protect human lives, and carries out researches upon them.